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Our first visit with Dr. Cherry was 11 years ago, when my oldest was 2 years old. From our first visit, I have always felt comfortable knowing our children were in good hands.

Dr. Cherry has always taken the time to talk to our children and explain what to expect during their visits. She is very patient and shows genuine interest in each of our 4 kids. Trips to the dentist are no longer feared, we are very thankful for the relationship Dr. Cherry has worked to build with our family. We love Dr. Cherry!

– Catherine O.

Dr. Cherry is basically a big kid! The way she connects to her patient is truly amazing. My son has high anxiety when it comes to doctor’s visits and Dr. Cherry explains what everything does and lets him touch it. She doesn’t try to force treatment if he’s not comfortable or ready. Dr. Cherry truly cares about her patients and their experience as a dentist!

– Abigail V.

Heard about the practice from a FB mom group. Was looking for laser dentistry. Dr. Cherry and her associate Ashley were very welcoming. During our initial consult, they took the time to get to know our 3 year old who was being seen. He is very hesitant with strangers and can be pretty closed off. Because of this, we took several visits just to warm him up to the staff. With knowing this info they were so patient and understanding. It was in no way transactional, they were truly trying to establish a relationship first. Once he became comfortable enough the treatment plan proposed was enacted. Everything went so smoothly during the procedure. My nervous mom heart was definitely put at ease. Although we were members of another practice, the experience here was like no other so we decided to switch. Looking forward to partnering with Dr. Cherry to keep my kid’s smiles beautiful!

– Sharina J.

The team at Cherry Orchard is phenomenal! Dr. Lisa Cherry was recommended by multiple respected dentists in the area after my 20 month old broke both his upper central incisors. The dentist we were seeing at the time told us that we would have to wait until he was 2 years old before they could crown them but that the teeth likely wouldn’t survive that long due to their condition and the structure of his mouth. Dr. Cherry happily agreed to access his mouth and, after doing an examination, she stated that she believed that she would be able to crown them under sedation. Dr. Cherry was very thorough in her examination as well as her explanation of the treatment plan for my son. They were able to get scheduled quickly for the procedure and everything went great. Dr. Cherry and her team are wonderful with children. I’m so glad we found this Cherry Orchard and are so excited for my children be a part of the practice.

– Faith S.

I began seeing Dr. Cherry years ago. When I began seeing her I had a fear of dentists. Her and her staff would always take extra time and talk to me and show me what they were going to do. About 5+ years later I enjoy coming to see Dr. Cherry and have even successfully seen an orthodontist and oral surgeon. Thank you Dr. Cherry.

– Brandon O.