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We love seeing children’s happy, healthy smiles, and have made it our mission to provide quality dental care for all. Our team believes the key to connecting with patients is by treating them like family in a place with the safety and comfort of home. If your child has a special need such as autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing issues, Down syndrome, or other cognitive disabilities, we will work together to carefully prepare a customized treatment plan.

Special Accomodations

You know your child best. Our team partners with you and your child to understand their needs, comfort level, and what approaches they are most receptive to when in new or unfamiliar situations. We encourage you to let us know what types of accommodations may be effective, and we also share strategies that we have found beneficial, so together, we can create a personalized plan designed for your child. We know that patience, trust, and teamwork are essential in delivering high-quality care. 

Our Approach

We want your child to feel comfortable in our office, so we typically start with an informal meet and greet. There is no pressure to perform any exams or treatment. Your child is able to take in their surroundings, and we follow their and your lead during the visit. Dr. Lisa and the team may say hello or simply smile as we walk around the office. Our staff can let you know times that fit with your schedule when the office is less busy to minimize overstimulation.

A second visit can be scheduled for a few days or weeks later, depending on your child’s comfort level. It may be used to further introduce your child to the office or move forward to the next step if they are ready. Dr. Lisa may show you the next step in advance so that you can practice at home, where your child feels most comfortable. Then when you return, they will know what to expect at the office.

Each visit progresses at your child’s own pace. Our gentle and systematic approach lets  Dr. Lisa and her team build a trusting relationship with your child and help them feel comfortable receiving care. We create a one-of-a-kind approach that is as unique as your child to provide them with the necessary treatment to maintain a healthy, cavity-free smile.

Why Parents Trust Dr. Lisa

At Cherry Orchard Pediatric Dentistry, we treat your child like family and strive to create a safe, fun, and positive experience while promoting good oral health. We welcome families to schedule an appointment to discuss how we may be able to accommodate their needs and create a personalized plan of care. Call our office at (864) 603-2603 to get started.