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Choosing the right dentist for your child can be a challenge, whether you are switching to a new dentist or getting ready for their very first visit. A pediatric dental office offers specific qualities that often provide the best experience and outcomes for your child.

Pediatric Dentists Have Specialized Training to Better Meet Your Child’s Needs

A pediatric dentist has specialized training focusing on the specific dental needs of your child. This training often includes focuses on dental growth and development, behavior therapy to reduce anxiety, and how to effectively teach both parents and children lifelong dental health knowledge. 

In addition to dental school, which every dentist must complete, your pediatric dentist will have completed a pediatric residency where they develop specific skills and training needed to provide dental health for all children. 

This leaves a pediatric dentist often better suited to diagnose issues, evaluate development, develop treatment plans, and carry out treatments for your child.

A Pediatric Office Is Kid-Friendly

A pediatric office will have an environment that is suitable for your child. Many pediatric dental offices will be warm and welcoming, with decorations, books, and toys that make your child feel right at home.

If your child has special needs, a pediatric dentist will likely be better able to accommodate them. The overall environment is usually calm and relaxing, and a pediatric dentist can provide accommodations such as sedation dentistry when needed.

Pediatric Dentistry Puts the Focus on Education and Long-Term Health

Long-term oral health requires a solid foundation. Visiting a pediatric dentist ensures that your child receives care that meets their needs today and tomorrow. A pediatric dentist can provide you and your child with the education necessary to develop good oral hygiene habits that can prevent a wide range of issues.

As your child develops, you can be sure that they are meeting the right developmental milestones. A pediatric dentist can guide your child as they become more independent with oral hygiene and recommend appropriate oral hygiene products.

Find the Right Pediatric Office for Your Child

You can find quality care in a welcoming environment for your child at Cherry Orchard Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Lisa M. Cherry and her team can help your child have the best experience during their treatments, providing a solid foundation for the future.